Did you encounter:

/usr/local/bin/brew: /usr/local/Library/brew.rb: /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby: bad interpreter: No such file or directory /usr/local/bin/brew: line 23: /usr/local/Library/brew.rb: Undefined error: 0

? Edit your brew.rb to point to Current (or 2.0) to fix:

jrz@MacBook-Pro:~$ vi /usr/local/Library/brew.rb

I’ve been talking about saving window / app states to “the cloud” (iCloud) for some time (2 years). OSX Continuity is going to be announced. Is this what I expected and wanted?? Let’s see!

Basically save the satte of your running app in the cloud and pick up on a different mac (or even ipad / iphone if they have the same object-model)!

I finally found the instructions on http://coreyjmahler.com/2013/10/24/airport-utility-5-6-1-on-os-x-10-9-mavericks/#Apple80211-download

In Mavericks a certain framework has changed which means you can’t use the airport utility to configure your airport express anymore.

I didn’t like the hack which requires you to override the system version of the library, and came up with the following:

Download the Apple80211 file from http://coreyjmahler.com/2013/10/24/airport-utility-5-6-1-on-os-x-10-9-mavericks/#Apple80211-download (or from an old installation)

Now, open a terminal and enter the folowing:

cd /Applications/Utilities/AirPort\ Utility 5.6.app/Contents/MacOS

export DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=path/to/Apple80211

./AirPort\ Utility\ 5.6

Instead of typing the path of the Apple80211 file, you can just drag it on there.

What DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES does is that it loads the libraries specified before any other (system) libraries.

With the recent vulnerabilities, and just a few moments ago, the latest json / rails vulnerability I think it’s about time to have gemaudit.

I claimed the gemaudit name at rubygems, just to be sure some security company won’t use it, like some other gem, which I forgot the name of. Of course I’m willing to give it up to anyone working on it more than I am

Take a look at the python script debsecan: http://git.enyo.de/fw/debian/debsecan.git/debsecan.py

My proposal will be the following:

  • Ability to download a vulnarabilities db (CVE db, but we will need some smart way to map gems to the report)
  • A method to validate a gem+version (core)
  • A method to validate the dependencies of a gem
  • A way to audit currently active gems of bundler (bundle show)
  • An easy way to set up a cron job for each application
  • A way to check currently active gems / shims

On 9to5mac there’s an article stating that youtube is removed from iOS6 beta4.

Now, why would Apple do this? Here’s a few suggestions:

1) Apple (and Google) know that the future is in the profiles / platform. Without profiles, preferences, social connections and authorization, you basically are a consumer of someone else’s platform. This is why facebook and twitter are so important to Apple. Apple acknowledges that it simply can’t compete with FB. Google has tried a zillion of times to compete, but keeps failing.

2) Video is hot. Youtube is has always been very popular. It has grown tremendously, and the last couple of years people use youtube as a radio station. Luckily we have spotify, itunes match and other competitors. Apple doesn’t need youtube anymore. They might still support it somewhere as a channel in “Videos”, but it won’t be a standalone app anymore.

3) Video on mobile is hot. Socialcam and viddy are what youtube used to be. They capture your moments and you share it on facebook. Socialcam and viddy are in the same league as instagram.

4) Apple is preparing updates to AppleTV, which will be the center of your media. It’s priced cheap, so people will jump in easily. That way they will be vested in Apple products, and more halo effects will appear. People can easily have 3 AppleTVs in a single home, because Airplay is da bomb. Consoles will have to run for their money.

Since about 6 months Apple has dramatically changed their strategy to online/network/clouds, and video is one piece of this. Here are the dots, I’ll let you connect them:

  • iCloud (Mountain Lion has deeper integration)
  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Share and watch pictures (the fancy, pinterest rival)
  • Share and watch videos (socialcam or viddy)
  • Listen to music (itunes match)
  • Apple wants to destroy Google, which I can totally understand, even though I’m a huge fan of a lot of google products.

This brings me to the MS/AAPL partnership (their servers run MS stuff, and MS started creating office for the iPad). Both Microsoft and Apple have Google as their competitor. I think they agreed to beat google.. Microsoft can take care of server stuff (no xserve etc..), and Apple may have the whole consumer market. Microsoft too knows that windows can’t last too long on the client side.

So VCs, if you want a quick buck, contact viddy or socialcam. Pay a major premium and take the risk ;)

Oh, as always I’m long $AAPL

Anyways. back to coding some games!

So apparently I never posted this blog, but I’ve been spreading this for about 9 months now.

Console games used to be about family/friends having fun in the same room. These days, that’s pretty much gone, because games are too hardcore, everybody has his own console and games aren’t made in such a way.

So basically the deal is this:

Most households have either an iPad, AppleTV or Mac available. Using these devices people can play games on their tv. One of the usual examples is real racing, where the iPad is the controller, and you drive on the TV.

This is ofcourse very nice, but the really cool stuff happens when we start to create local multiplayer games (either network or bluetooth). What will happen is that the iPad now functions as a console connected to the tv. Your friends can connect to your iPad with their iPhone (or android!) and use their devices as a game controller. The cool part is that everybody has their own private screen, but a shared gamescreen. This is an excellent opportunity for new game types.

Stay tuned for content like this from Bloomsix, our company

I think it needs no explanation

Ok, basically it’s a quick search to filter windows / tabs based on content with priorities:

  • window / tab title
  • window / tab contents

Take this further and add spotlight to exposé. Make your three finger move, and just type what content you are looking for.

For example: hackernews would filter out all windows / tabs except chrome/safari, and maybe mail.app.


  • Q2 is shorter because Q1 was longer
  • Q1 had a major upside because of delayed purchases in Q4 2011 b/c of iPhone5 rumours
  • Tim Cook, Schiller and Oppenheimer sold $151M in shares in March
  • Tim Cook sold $11M around March 12th


  • Q2 has the new iPad, which did pretty good
  • iPhone 4S is still going as hot cake.
  • Macbook Air got very popular

I don’t think Tim Cook would not sell the highest price he would think possible. (actually it’s higher that the current price…). If that would be the case, there would be a massive amount of bad PR towards him and management.

Also, there are quite a few developments for the near future:

  • The new iPhone. I think it will have a slightly larger screen. Possibly one homescreen-row more. Width will remain the same, to support developers and existing apps.
  • NFC in the new iPhone will bring a VERY large opportunity in terms of mobile payments to Apple
  • New MacBook Pro with Retina display (will have a supply issue. many professionals use MBPs, and are standing in line to get an upgrade)
  • Retina iMacs
  • The iPanel, which could be available before Februari 2013 (superbowl). We might see an announcement in october, but october is for steve and the new iPhone.
  • Smaller iPad will fill the lowend gap
  • The more people get exposed to the App Store, the more they get used to it and spend more.
  • Tim visited Steam -> Games will come to the Apple platforms
  • Multiplayer livingroom gaming with your iPhone as a controller

Will Apple become a bank? Will Apple start it’s own telco? Will Apple buy Sony or Universal? I doubt it. No culture fit and it’s probably not even allowed.

Note: I am long AAPL.. but already sold off the majority because of the recent downfall. I might go long again before or right after earnings.

$AAPL $SNE $AAPL was down 3.6% when I wrote this, and almost 10% in the last week

— edit - some typos

I suspect that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on Friday 5 Oct 2012. Exactly one year after Steve Jobs passed away.

Tomorrow Apple is going to show off the iPad3. They invited a select group of people to check out “something you should feel”

Based on the past patentproof (I found in this post http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=145185) I am 99% sure this will be incorporated in the new iPad.

The technology allows you to “feel” parts of the screen. Depending on how good the resolution is, I see the following applications:

  • Guitar
  • Keyboard feedback
  • Gaming D-Pad !
  • Braille e-reader.